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Tracking my Climb in 3D

Dear Family & Friends: I have added a new feature to my website this year. As I climb Mt. Everest from both the South and North sides of the mountain, you will be able to track my progress in 3D. Set forth below are links to 3D fly-in tours of the South side route and […]


Fit to Climb?

At every Everest presentation, I am asked to describe my physical training regime. I always answer that question by stating that physical fitness is only a small part of the formula for success in high altitude mountaineering. I believe success is linked to readiness in five areas: physical fitness, mental preparation, spirituality, technique and genes. […]


Meet My Sherpas

Dear Family & Friends: Here is biographical data related to my Sherpas for 2012. In case you are wondering, in 2010 and 2011, Ang Mingma Sherpa was in the United States and was attending to family matters, which is why you see no information on him for those years. In my next post, I will […]


Birthday Boy

March 20, 2012 Yesterday, I turned 70-years young. Here is a photo of me on my birthday with 10 of my 14 beautiful grandchildren. Okay, enough of this personal stuff. Now, it’s back to business. My next post will introduce my two new Sherpas. Bill