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Mt. Everest Day Speech

Yak & Yeti Hotel Kathmandu, Nepal May 31, 2012 Dear Family & Friends: Here is the speech I gave at the Mt. Everest Day Celebration. Fortunately, the Nepal Tourism Board taped the entire program. They are giving me a cd of the program before I head home. Bill 5th Annual Sagaramantha (Mt. Everest) Day Celebration […]


My Bags Have Arrived

Yak & Yeti Hotel Kathmandu, Nepal May 30, 2012 Namaste Family & Friends: My bags have finally arrived from the North side. Yeaaa. Now I can book my flight home. My presentation at the Annual Mt. Everest Day celebration yesterday went really well. I had several high government officials come up to me and thank […]


5th Annual Internatio‚Äčnal Sagarmatha (Mt. Everest) Day

Yak & Yeti Hotel Kathmandu, Nepal May 28, 2012 Namaste Family & Friends: Tomorrow, the Government of Nepal Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation and the Nepal Tourism Board are sponsoring the 5th Annual International Sagarmatha (Mt. Everest) Day celebration to (i) honor the mountain, (ii) celebrate the efforts of the local and international […]


Back in Kathmandu

Yak & Yeti Hotel Kathmandu May 26, 2012 Dear Family & Friends: I am back in Kathmandu waiting for my bags to arrive from the mountain. Two days ago, I submitted an audio report from a city in Tibet, but I guess it did not go through. Below is a transcription of that report: Bill […]