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From the Worst of Days to the Best of Days

Minneapolis, Minnesota August 16, 2019 Dear Family & Friends: Following my midnight encounter with the kind Anoka police officer, I woke up to a bright new day at 6am on August 15. The day immediately turned sour. While disassembling my tent, I broke a tent pole. Now I have no functioning tent. Then, I opened […]


Little Falls to Two Rivers State Park to a Midnight Encounter with the Police

Two Rivers State Park Anoka, Minnesota August 14, 2019Dear Family & Friends: This report is long because I have been offline for awhile. I’ll try to keep my reports shorter in the future. I will start with an observation about through-paddling the Mississippi River: be prepared for every imaginable challenge that can be thrown at […]


My First Zero Day and Lodging Near God’s Home

Little Falls, Minnesota August 9-11, 2019 Dear Family & Friends: On August 9, we traveled 30 miles from our campsite behind The Bridge Tavern to Brainerd, Minnesota. We spent the night at a Quality Inn motel in Brainerd. Jon & Jeff resumed their journey down the River in the morning. I elected to take the […]


Report and Retrospect after 11 Days on the River

Palisades, Minnesota August 6, 2019 Dear Family & Friends: This is just too much fun! This is our 11th day on the Big Muddy. So far, we have travelled 262 miles. Our longest day, in terms of mileage, was yesterday. We logged 36 miles. Today we are camped at a beautiful park in Palisades, Minnesota. […]