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Medora to Billings (“Here Comes the Sun”)

Billings, Montana October 4, 2014 Dear Family & Friends: I checked out of the hotel in Medora at 9 am. The temperature was 32 F. My bike refused to start, and I drained the battery trying to get it running. This was a protest over the fact I left the bike out in the open […]


Williston to Medora (losing the battle with the weather)

Medora, North Dakota October 3, 2014 Dear Family & Friends: I know what you are thinking: he’s not even out of North Dakota?? What is it about me that attracts bad weather? Every year on Everest, I have had bad weather. For example, this year, as I was about to step on the summit, a […]


Minot to Williston

Williston, North Dakota October 1, 2014 Today was a tough day on the road. I picked up my bike at the Honda dealer¬†at 9:30 am. There was a light drizzle and the sky was dark and foreboding. I stopped to see Sharon’s Aunt Patsy in Minot. After a short visit, I donned my headphones, fired […]



Minot, North Dakota September 30, 2014 Dear Family & Friends: I left for Egeland, North Dakota on Thursday, September 25. I hoped to get my bike started on Friday and ride it to Minot for service at the Honda dealer. That would allow me to start the long ride home on Saturday. The flight to […]