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Irish Day Parade & Downtown Jamestown

Jamestown, California March 17, 2013 I can’t believe my good fortune on this trip.  First, the great weather, and now a stop at a great Gold Rush Town on the way home. I couldn’t shake the feeling that I would miss something important if I didn’t check out the Irish Day Parade in Murphys.  Yesterday […]


Still in Gold Country

Sonora, California March 15, 2013 Yesterday, I pulled into Murphys, California and checked into Murphys Historic Hotel. Murphys is located in Calavaras County, which is in the heart of California’s historic gold rush territory.  The Calavaras County Fair in May features the Frog Jumping Contest made famous by Mark Twain in his 1865 short story […]


More California Gold in Sonoma

Sonoma, California March 14, 2013 Yesterday I planned to have lunch with a mountaineering friend who lives with his family in Santa Rosa. I arrived at the MayaCama Country Club at 11:10 am.  As I was entering this beautiful compound in the foothills of Santa Rosa, the engine in my bike came to a sputtering […]


California Gold

St. Helena, California March 12, 2013 The late Huell Howser was a popular television personality who had a series called “California Gold.” He featured interesting venues in California and always closed his show with the song “California Here I Come.” Here is my attempt to carry on his legacy. Well, hello everyone. This is Huell […]