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Eight Summits: The Bill Burke Story

Costa Mesa, California December 6, 2019 Dear Family & Friends: “Eight Summits: The Bill Burke Story” just won first place in the International Outdoor Film Festival. Eight Summits was entered in the Festival a few years ago and was doing the circuit similar to the Banff Mountain Film Festival that travels around the United States. Over 1,480 […]


Puchhanga Lhomi Bhoti

Keokuk, Iowa September 8, 2019 Dear Family & Friends: I want to take the opportunity to mark the passing of a dear friend in Kathmandu, Nepal. Puchhanga Bhoti was killed in a motorcycle accident in KTM on August 25, 2019. He was 39 years old and is survived by his wife and two young children. […]


Burke Khang Full Length Movie

Dear Family & Friends: Attached is a full-length movie of the Autumn, 2017 “First Ascent of Burke Khang.” The movie documents the entire adventure, starting in Costa Mesa, traveling to Kathmandu, trekking 50+ miles to Burke Khang Base Camp, ascending to the summit of Burke Khang and returning to Costa Mesa. I am especially pleased with this […]


Bill’s Podcast

Costa Mesa, Ca. May 14, 2018 Dear Family & Friends: Ryan Heuser manages a wonderful Podcast styled Brevity Code. Brevity Code explores a wide range of topics though interviews of guests who have found success in life by flying in the face of conventional wisdom. Ryan’s goal is to inspire his listeners to find their own […]