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Burke-Khang 2017

Pochara, Nepal March 20, 2017 Namaste Family & Friends: There I sat in the helicopter, hovering a few hundred feet above Burke-Khang Base Camp, negotiating the price for my return to safety, sanity and reality. In over four decades of practicing law all over the world, I have negotiated many complex transactions. But, never in […]


The Trip is Off

March 17, 2017 From his daughter Lisa- These short messages came in this morning: Starting to snow just as we leave  Im coming home. This morning I was dressed and ready to go up. Still no weather report from Fagin. I did one more check before we started up. It came. Mikes report-10 days bad […]


Brief Update-March 16th

March 16, 2017 I am at Base Camp. Stunning beauty. Very cold & windy.  No snow since Gokyo. Took 5 Sherpas 25 hours over 2 days to run lines from BC to C1. No internet & very little communication possible. Trying to get sat phones working. Love my team. Tomorrow I move to Intermediate Base […]


Audio File from March 11th

March 13, 2017 Hi Everyone- This is Lisa, Bill’s daughter who does his posting for him. He is doing great and should be  helicoptering into basecamp today.  I am traveling so this post from March 11th is delayed a few days. Audio Dispatch from March 11th Lisa