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Good Fortune

Rosedale, Mississippi October 12, 2019 Dear Family & Friends: Good fortune also plays a role in extreme adventure. The predicted thunderstorm never materialized so I pushed off into the River at 10am on October 11. One hour later, the thunderstorm showed up right on cue to end my day on the River. The heavy rain was accompanied by […]


Dog Days of Summer

Dakota, Minnesota August 22, 2019 Dear Friends & Family: Not much to report, so I’ll keep this short. On August 21, I paddled 30 miles from Wabasha to Fountain City, Wisconsin. I passed through two locks with no wait. The River was calm, which made the paddling a little easier. The River is lined with […]


Another Look at Mt. Everest

Costa Mesa, California June 24, 2019 Dear Family & Friends: On June 22, 2019, I presented my last Everest program of the year for Olive Crest, a wonderful charity that serves at-risk children. This 24-minute video documents my 2014 climb of Mt. Everest from the North approach, which begins in Tibet, and my 2009 climb […]


Ollie & Papa’s Grand Motorcycle Trip and Through-Paddling the Big Muddy

Costa Mesa, Ca. May 7, 2019 Dear Family & Friends: Ollie & Papa’s Grand Motorcycle Trip You may recall I had planned a 15-day, 3,217 mile motorcycle trip with my special needs grandson, Ollie, in August of 2018. My plan was to visit seven national parks in six states. Along the way, we scheduled visits […]