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Miscellaneous Update

Costa Mesa, California September 24, 2014 Dear Family & Friends: Some of you have asked about Ollie. Here is a recent photo taken in front of our home in Costa Mesa, California. Ollie is 14 and just entered the 9th grade Special Education Program at Estancia High School. He has outgrown his bicycle trailer. I […]


The North Col & the Northeast Ridge

Dear Family & Friends: The North Col headwall and the traverse along the Northeast Ridge are two of the most challenging sections in a North side climb of Mt. Everest. The Northeast Ridge is particularly difficult because of altitude (over 28,000 feet), fatigue, weather, distance, dehydration, the 3 major rock buttresses that guard the summit […]


Rest Time in Tingri-Getting Ready For a Summit

May 7, 2014 Click here to listen to new audio report


The Poles

Costa Mesa, Ca. February 24, 2014 Dear Family & Friends: My friends, Tom and Tina Sjogren, summited Mt. Everest together and then completed unsupported full degree treks to the North (590 miles) and South (702 miles) Poles. The North Pole trek is the most challenging because of the extreme weather and the fact you trek […]