Motorcycle Trip To Washington 2012

September 17, 2012

Costa Mesa, Ca.

Dear Family & Friends:

Today, I leave on my Harley Davidson Road King Classic for Seattle. I will leave my bike at Liberty Sidecars in Seattle and return home by train.  Liberty Sidecars will build and install a sidecar for my beloved 12-year old sidekick and Training Partner, Ollie.  The installation will take about 2 months at which time I will return and pick up the bike.  Then, Ollie and I will hit the road.

I am taking some fly fishing gear for the amusement of the fish that populate the rivers and streams along the way.  Although I practice “catch and release,” somehow

I can’t get past the first half of that equation.

Below is a departure photo.  Maybe I’ll post a photo or two along the way.



September 21, 2012

Somewhere Near Eureka, California

Dear Family & Friends

My brother is a highly respected Superior Court Judge in California.  He is known for his stylish dress and his taste for fine wines.  I share half of those passions. My plan was to visit Judge Jeff in his courtroom in Paso Robles so I could see him in action. He said Monday, September 17 would be good because of a pending hearing.  Then, I told him about my limited wardrobe-green cropper pants I wore on Everest (my wife calls them “those disgusting green pants with all the zippers”), long sleeve t-shirt and socks and flip flops. When I arrived at the courthouse, it was locked.  Judge Jeff greeted me outside and let me in the courthouse through the back entrance.  Strangely, the hearing was cancelled, his courtroom was dark, his clerk had the day off and the courthouse was empty!  He took me to lunch at a local restaurant and requested a table in the patio at the back of the restaurant.  If I didn’t know better, I would say I was getting the “bum’s rush” out of town. Now that I think about it, I don’t recall Judge Jeff introducing me to any of the town dignitaries. Hmmm. He still can’t believe that I once argued a case in the United States Supreme Court.  Anyway, here is a photo of Judge Jeff with his little brother in front of the courthouse. I love my brother and am very proud of him.


Day 2 I fed my passion by riding to Napa valley to visit some of our great wineries.  My plan was to spend the day enjoying free samples of my favorite wines–Silver Oak, Rombauer, Provenance, Raymond … I was in for a big surprise.  The first winery I visited wanted to charge me $30 to sample just a few wines.  And such tiny samples.  Are they kidding??  I can purchase 3 full bottles at that price.  I wonder if they upped the price when they saw me enter the tasting room wearing my cropper pants and flip flops. No sale to this bum.  Well, I did have fun, and several cases of the aforementioned wines are being shipped home.  Here’s a photo of me at the Silver Oak winery.


Day 3, I rode to a little town near Eureka, California. A sketchy town with all the bums on the sidewalks, but I felt right at home. Today, Day 4, I hope to finally make it out of California into Oregon.

Beware fish, I’m coming for you!



September 23, 2012

Salem, Oregon

Dear Family & Friends: This trip has been just too much fun. My bike has been running perfectly. When I am riding, I feel like the bike and I are one unit. I finally entered Oregon state the day before yesterday. Although I travelled this route before on my 2008 trip to Banff Park, Canada (see the Motorcycle Diary trip report on my website), I had forgotten how beautiful the scenery is in Oregon.  What a spectacularly beautiful state! I am currently in Salem, Oregon, about 225 miles from my destination. I hope to enter Washington state tomorrow. With any luck, I’ll soon be hauling in giant trout from the rivers and streams of Washington.  But, first, I need to untangle the fishing line. Where is my Sherpa when I need him! I have included a few photos of the Oregon coast, the Umpqua River, the King Estate Winery and my beloved bike.


Oregon Coast


King Estate Winery

my beloved bike

September 27, 2012

Costa Mesa, Ca.

I am home!

I delivered my bike to Liberty Sidecar in Seattle on September 24 and then watched the now famous Seahawks/Packers football game in my hotel room on Monday night.  The local fans were happy, but there were a lot of sad/mad Packer fans leaving Seattle on Tuesday morning.

The two-day train ride was fun, but I am glad to be home.

Here are some fish photos in case you are wondering.





Okay, I didn’t say these photos were taken on my trip to Seattle.  They were taken on fishing trips with my son in years past.  I was so busy riding and having fun doing other things, my line never made it in the water.

Thanks for following my adventure.


Click here to view photos from this trip.