Gokyo Ri Peak

Gokyo November 2, 2016 Namaste Family & Friends: This morning, for exercise and acclimatization, David and I scaled Gokyo Ri Peak. The elevation gain was over 2,000,feet and the mountain is very vertical, with no level sections. I thought it was a rigorous workout. So much for a “rest day.” The summit of Gokyo Ri […]


Another Great Day

Gokyo-15,640 feet November 1, 2016 Namaste Family & Friends: This was my best day of the trip. We left Machermo at 8:20 am and arrived in Gokyo at 11:15 am. We traveled 5.4 miles and gained 1,194 feet in altitude.  I feel like I am acclimatizing really well. I got 8 hours of sleep last night and my […]


First View of Burke-Khang

Machermo-14,446 feet October 31, 2016 Namaste Family & Friends: Today, on the way to Machermo, we had our first view of Burke-Khang, sitting deep up the Gokyo Valley. Though we will not stand on its flanks for many days, it was a majestic and beautiful sight. We departed Dole at 8:30 am. David travelled ahead, and […]


The March to Dole

Dole-13,235 feet October 30, 2016 Namaste Family & Friends: This was a long, hard day. We left Namche Bazaar at 8 am and arrived in Dole at 2:20 pm. We gained 2,500 feet of altitude in the move from Namche Bazaar to Dole, but we ascended well over 4,000 feet because of the alignment of the trekking trail […]