Good Vibrations

Namche Bazar March 6, 2017 Namaste Family & Friends: Channeling a famous Beach Boys’ tune, I’m feeling the good vibrations about this trip.  Everything seems to be functioning like clockwork, just as planned. On March 5, I was up at 5:30 am to get ready for the airport transport and a 7:30 am flight. Kathmandu […]


Greetings From Kathmandu

Kathmandu, Nepal March 4, 2017 Namaste Family & Friends: So far, this trip has gone just too perfect. I haven’t fallen asleep and missed a flight. I had a great time in Hong Kong. I enjoyed a full night of sleep last night in Kathmandu. The meeting at the Ministry of Tourism was fun, and […]


It’s a Go!

Costa Mesa, Ca. February 27, 2017 Dear Family & Friends: Dawa Steven called with good news. The Sherpas completed the helicopter reconnaissance and the trip is on. Naga Dorjee Sherpa, Shera Gyaljen Sherpa and Sonam Bhote boarded the helicopter on February 25 and flew over Burke-Khang. Naga, who is my Sirdar (head Sherpa) for the […]


Burke-Khang Redux

Costa Mesa, Ca. February 23, 2017 “stubborn” |ˈstəbərn|–having or showing dogged determination not to change one’s attitude or position on something, especially in spite of good arguments or reasons to do so; difficult to move, remove, or cure; done or continued in a willful, unreasonable or persistent manner. Merriam-Webster Dictionary Dear Family & Friends: I […]