The Fierce Howling Wind

Click here to download…Written report translated from audio report:

“Hello, it’s Bill Burke calling from Camp 2. We’re facing the full fury of the mountain fighting back. I just thought I would call and let you hear what the wind sounds like on Mount Everest. When the wind dies down I’ll call back and give a full report. But everybody’s fine, we are all safe but it was quite an ordeal to get here. But here is a sample of the winds from inside of our tent”.(fierce howling wind in the background)


6 thoughts on “The Fierce Howling Wind

  1. I think he said ‘We’re facing the full fury of the mountain fighting back….’ Makes more sense than a Mom fighting back! ;-))

  2. Bill,
    Had a great conversation today with the seventh graders from Kansas who are following your trip. Such terrific kids! So great to compare notes and share about Everest. I sure hope you get to see Dawa Steven and David at the top! Prayers for

  3. Thank you Astroman, you are probably correct! He does refer to Mother Nature alot but I kind of wondered at that terminology and that makes more sense. I will change it.

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