Namche Bazar Audio Report

Follow Bill’s progress in 3D. View the tracking map to see the journey so far and instructions on how to see Bill’s track.


8 thoughts on “Namche Bazar Audio Report

  1. Report perfectly clear, very interesting. Always wanted to go the Namche Bazar but was worried that I could not make it there from Lukla, even taking two nights. If you found it steep, it is good I did not attempt it. The flight from Kathmandu to Paro where I could see the mountains and Everest will have to be enough for me. Good luck and many prayers to you.

  2. Can hear you loud and clear! 🙂 You sound wonderful, and I love the map. How cool to get an idea of where you are!

  3. Sounds like a good start to your new journey!
    I have followed all of your Everest adventures. With the addition of the 3D tracking, this should be even more interesting. Thank you for letting us “come along” on the trip.

  4. Dad! I love hearing your happy voice! You are awesome! I can picture exactly where you are! Say hello to all of my friends! I miss you sooooooo much! Love you more!

    Amy xoxo

  5. Bill:

    I am so impressed with the audio. It was like you were sitting right next to me.
    Thanks so much. I love hearing all the details of your trip. Looking forward
    to more.

    Bobbie & John

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