Back Down to Camp 3

May 25, 2014

Early email from Sharon to their children….
Call from Mingma at 6
Dad is at Camp 3(hi camp)
He will go to ABC tomorrow
All is GOOD
Since it is nighttime now he will sleep and continue when he wakes up
(My words)


16 thoughts on “Back Down to Camp 3

  1. BILL: CONGRADUATIONS for Making it to the Top of the World!
    I am very glad that you made it above the 2nd step where you had left off at in 2012.
    I am also very GLAD that your back at High Camp 3 for a rest.
    I am expecting to hear from back in ABC further done the hill.
    My blessings for safe and happy trip home to Costa Mesa!

  2. Congratulations Bill!

    Simply amazing! What can I say that all of the others have not said? I don’t participate much in the public forum, but I follow you every day with every post. Thank you for sharing your truly amazing adventures with all of us! You have been to the mountaintop (again)!

    I believe you have been again successful because you trust in the Lord and allow Him to guide and lead you.

    All of my best to you on another successful summit of the highest mountain on Earth! You did it again!

    Best Regards,
    Rick Knudson

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