Final Photographs

Dear Family & Friends:

This final set of photos shows (i) the Expedition Permit for the South side climb of Mt. Everest this year, (ii) the list of climbers and Sherpas for the North side climb, (iii) my Summit Certificate for the North side climb, (iv) a fabulous photo of the Triangular Face of the mountain the instant I touched the summit on May 25 at 9:45 am, (v) my Sherpas and my beloved friend, Mingma (the Sirdar), at Chinese Base Camp, and (vi) our celebration dinner at Kilroy’s restaurant in Kathmandu.

My dear friend John Dahlem, took the Triangular Face photo from his home in Orange County using a web camera mounted on the summit of Kala Pattar, which is on the South side of the mountain. John summitted Mt. Everest with his son, Ryan, in 2010.

In the next few days, I will post a movie documenting my 2014 climb.


IMG_2849 - 55 2
Expedition Permit for the South side
IMG_5944 12345 - Version 2
Climbing party on the North side
IMG_2856 555- Version 2
Summit Certificate for the North side
img460 - Version 2
Triangular Face of Everest on May 25 at 9:45 am
Left to right: Gyaluk Sherpa, Bill, Mingma Sherpa & Mingma Sherpa (the Sirdar)
Celebration dinner at Kilroy’s restaurant
Celebration dinner at Kilroy’s restaurant




9 thoughts on “Final Photographs

  1. For everything, Bill, there is a natural conclusion–your Kilroy dinner was a final resolution. Even turbid waters need to settle clear (Tai Chi mantra).



  2. Dear Bill:

    These and yesterdays pictures are just amazing. You….DID IT!!!!

    It looks so completely impossible, it is truly hard to comprehend. But, what a guy! Now, on to other adventures, I am sure. Clearly, retirement means something else to a guy like you. Adventurer, par excellent.



  3. Bill,

    Like so many others who have been following you for years, I was thrilled when you reached the summit via the North. You worked hard to achieve this goal. You learned from previous climbs, adapted and accomplished your mission. To say you must have felt satisfaction, and relief, could be an understatement. Relax now, let it sink is, and plan your next adventure. 🙂

    Climb On!


  4. …..and there ends Everest for this year. Bill, from my family and I, heartest congratulations again and genuine gratitude for such magnificent coverage. As if it’s not hard enough doing it, you broadcast as well..!

    …..hear you again next season?!?!?


  5. Hearty congratulations, Bill! I was admittedly fearful of checking in with your site, after all that had occurred this year, but was so happy to see your amazing success! So inspiring. Travel safely home!

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