About Me

I am a 74-year old amateur mountaineer. I am married to Sharon Burke, and we reside in Costa Mesa, California.

I attended Stanford Law School and practiced law for over 45 years in Los Angeles, Newport Beach, Hong Kong, Tokyo and New York.  My specialty was domestic and international capital markets transactions.  I also handled appeals in federal and state courts, including successful appearances in the United State Supreme Court and the California Supreme Court.

In addition to practicing law for clients, I was heavily involved throughout my career in lecturing, writing and law reform. I was honored to receive 4 Lifetime Achievement Awards by different organizations for those activities. Here is a link to remarks made by Roland Brandel when I was given the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Business Law Section of the California State Bar Association.

I promised my family I would retire from the practice of law when I reached the age of 60.  I kept that promise in 2003, although I handled legal work sporadically from 2003 to 2012.  Now, I am finally retired for good… I think.

When I first retired in 2003, I decided it was important to take up some kind of safe and sedentary hobby, like golf or tennis.  After much thought and research, I settled on high altitude mountaineering. I took a high altitude climbing course in the Cascades and then returned to climb Mt. Rainier. After Mt. Rainier was Mt. McKinley in Alaska, the highest mountain in the North American Continent. I have now climbed the highest mountain on every continent.

I summited Mt. Everest from the South (Nepal) side on May 23, 2009, becoming the oldest American to reach the summit and return alive. I was 67 at the time. In 2014, at age 72, I returned to climb Mt. Everest from the North (Tibet) side. I summitted from this side on May 25, 2014, thus breaking my own record and becoming the oldest person outside Asia to summit the highest mountain in the world. I am the only person to climb the highest mountain on every continent after reaching age 60.

In May of 2014, the government of Nepal opened 104 new peaks in the fabled Himalayan mountain range. One of those peaks was named after me. Burke Khang (“Khang” means mountain) is 6,942 meters (22,775 feet) high and is located between Mt. Everest and Cho Oyu, two of the most famous mountains in the world. Like Mt. Everest, Burke Khang is a border peak since half of it is located in Nepal and the other half is located in China. In October of 2015, I organized a private expedition of 7 friends to climb Burke-Khang. We trekked 50-miles from Lukla to the base of Burke-Khang, where began the arduous climb of this mountain. Two of us reached an altitude of 22,500 feet, just a few hundred feel below the summit ridge, where we awaited the fixing of lines to the summit. The Sherpa line-fixing team was unable to fix the lines because of extremely dangerous conditions along the ridgeline. These conditions included multiple cornices, sheer vertical blue ice, a giant black-hole crevasse, avalanche prone colouirs and a concave ice-wall blocking the approach to the summit. We concluded that loss of life was a virtual certainty if we continued, so we called of the summit attempt. I am currently planning another attempt to climb this magnificent mountain.

Sharon and I are blessed with a great family. We have 4 children and 14 grandchildren. In June of 2016, we celebrated our 54th wedding anniversary. Sharon is the love of my life.

Sharon & Bill 1

Sharon & Bill 2

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Christmas 2014

We have 4 wonderful children, a wonderful daughter in law and sons in law and 14 even more wonderful grandchildren.

Danny, Lisa, Jeff, Chelsea & Josh

Danny, Lisa, Jeff, Chelsea & Josh

Blake, Bailey, Lori, Mitch & Luke in paintball attire

Blake, Bailey, Lori, Mitch & Luke in paintball attire


Billy, Danny, Tina & Gavin

Amy & Simon Children--Simon Jr, Oliver, twins Ava & Elle & Danny

Amy & Simon
Children–Simon Jr, Oliver, twins Ava & Elle & Danny

Everest Website223


Everest Website224


Amy, Dan, Lisa & Lori

Everest Website235

Everest Website236

Everest Website237


A message from Billy and Gavin's classes

A message from Billy and Gavin’s classes

2008 Family Vacation at Kona Village Resort-Hawaii

2008 Family Vacation at Kona Village Resort-Hawaii

Our 14 grandchildren -- Christmas 2012

Our 14 grandchildren — Christmas 2012

2008 Family Vacation at Kona Village Resort-Hawaii

2008 Family Vacation at Kona Village Resort-Hawaii

Mingma and his family

My beloved Sherpa, Mingma, and his family

Nine of our fourteen grandchildren are boys.  Many of them were involved in high school football programs.  Mitch was the quarterback for the Corona Del Mar High School football team.  In 2010, he led the team to their first league title in 22 years.  Josh was a wide receiver on that team.  What a thrill to watch one grandson throw a touchdown pass to another grandson.  Mitch now attends Chico State College. While at Chico, he founded a highly successful company-Pocket Points-with a friend.  In 2011, CDM won the CIF California State Football Championship in a thrilling championship game, which CDM won by a score of 14-13.  Josh scored the winning touchdown on a 61-yard pass reception.  He was the league’s leading receiver and received numerous post-season awards.  Josh now attends the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Our football days are long from over.  Danny, Luke, Billy & Gavin were in high school football programs. Our 2nd Danny is a super athlete and will play high school football, along with many other sports. Simon rows for the Newport Aquatic Center and competed in the Nationals in 2016. Billy was Captain of his volleyball team and is now in college. Gavin is a star player for his high school la crosse team.

Grandsons Mitch (quarterback), on the right, and Josh (wide receiver), on the left. In 2010, they captured the league title for Corona Del Mar High School for the first time in 22 years.

Josh (#22) & Mitch (#5)


The Catch


The winning touchdown


The CIF champions celebrate

Danny (27) & Luke (16)

Danny (27) & Luke (16)

17 years Volleyball Prof





Simon (far right) in the Nationals


Simon in the Nationals


Gavin in La Crosse

Danny, our 6-year old Babe Ruth

Danny, our future Babe Ruth

We are blessed with 5 beautiful and talented granddaughters.

Bailey graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder and now works in New York City.  She has a great job and is enjoying life in the Big Apple.  Chelsea also graduated from the University of Colorado where she was a straight “A” student. She now works for a really cool company in Los Angeles. Blake graduated from Mount St. Mary’s University with straight “A’s.” She is in post-graduate studies at UCLA and aspires to attend medical school.  Our twins-Ava and Elle-are in 9th grade and are interested in crew, dance, singing and ballet.

Bailey at her friend’s wedding

Bailey at her friend’s wedding


Chelsea in Venice, Italy



Ava & Elle - the ballet stars

Ava & Elle – the ballet stars