Bill's Aphorisms

Dreams rooted in the heart are slow to die

Friends are the priceless jewels we collect on the journey of life

Worry is the baleful foe of progress: it freezes the imagination, instills needless fear, and robs creative genius of its regenerative power

There is no force on earth more fearsome, powerful and full of potential than the yearning of the human spirit for freedom

The body is made of clay. Our soul is immortal

Success is measured by the quality of the experience, not the distance traveled

Happiness springs from a cheerful heart

Bend the mind of a child to religion and his life will be a testament to your goodness and rectitude

You can climb as high up any mountain as your dreams will carry you

What purpose is there in achieving success if it does not inspire others to reach even higher?

A walk in the woods is the surest path to pure communion with the Lord

Physical prowess puts you at the starting line. Mental toughness wins the race

I place my full trust in the Lord. I cannot see into tomorrow, but I know He walks with me today. Through the grace of God I can face tomorrow with confidence

I have learned that all happiness is temporal if not fueled by boundless optimism in the goodness of a loving God

A sense of humor can vanquish almost any perceived calamity

Life’s greatest opportunities oft arise in times of greatest despair

He that covets fame and fortune,
more than the grace of God,
lives on the rambling wind,
riding the feckless current of ambition,
unto the fatal fall

Avoid pride if you would have peace
Pride begets arrogance
And arrogance precedes the fall
Embrace humility
Humility breeds respect
And respect lifts others to their highest potential

I see God not in the black and white of the printed word, but in
-the verdant colors of a forest,
-the majesty of a towering peak,
-the power of a waterfall,
-the rolling thunder of an approaching storm,
-the solitude of an emerald lake,
-the peace of a spotted meadow,
-the gentle touch of a raindrop,
-the morning dew falling from a juniper,
-the glory of a sunrise, and
-the sweet song of a sparrow, welcoming each new day, with all its hope and promise

Life is an adventure that can only be successfully navigated through the Grace of God. Never give up on the dream