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“Namaste Family and Friends-

It’s Bill Burke from Advanced Base Camp, May 15. Things have taken a turn for the better. The Chinese have decided based on the weather reporting good for May 18, 19 and 20 and they will probably fix it (the lines) on 19 and 20, from Camp 3 to the summit, So based on that decision by the Chinese, although things could change, my plan is to head up tomorrow, May 16 to Camp 1 on the North Col, sleep there, and then on May 17 head up to Camp 2, sleep there, and then on May 18 move from Camp 2 to high camp which is Camp 3, and sleep there, and then on May 19th at around 9pm or 8pm, I would make my move to the summit and summit on May 20 in the morning. So that’s my current plan and I’m getting ready to go and packing to move up to Camp 1, North Col tomorrow. Doug and Aboul will follow me by 1 day because they don’t plan to sleep at high camp, Camp 3. So we’ll rejoin at Camp 3 and make the summit together moving up on May 19 and summiting on May 20. So that’s the current plan and I’m anxious to get moving in any direction, hopefully up. The news is good for all of us here, we are all feeling good. There are a lot of people here at ABC, a lot of teams have moved up here. We have a lot of climbers and we have a lot of really antsy people here that have been waiting on the Chinese to fix the lines. It could mean a lot of people on the mountain in the next few days making their way up to the summit, it could get crowded, but well see. So that’s about it.

There are a couple of points of interest. There was a guy from Switzerland who arrived I believe yesterday and he was going to climb to the summit of Mt Everest and then paraglide down to ABC, but when he got to the border or Chinese Base Camp, the Chinese took his paraglider away from him and told him no more paragliders on the north side this season. I guess he was pretty bummed. There is also I am told a guy moving up from Base Camp today, I think his name is Willie Epp, I might be getting his name wrong , I guess he is one of the worlds fastest Alpine speed climbers. What I was told is his plan is to get up to ABC today or tomorrow and he is going to attempt a speed climb of Mt Everest on the North side which is not the same route we’re taking. He will not be using fixed lines. I actually saw a documentary and it is stunning speed at which this guy moves. So if you are one of those who follows the Everest news reports on the web, you might look for that. His first name is Willie and he’s supposed to arrive today or tomorrow. That’s about it, when I get to the North Col tomorrow I will place another call to keep you guys all advised. I love you all, God Bless, Goodbye.”