Tracking my Climb in 3D

Dear Family & Friends:

I have added a new feature to my website this year. As I climb Mt. Everest from both the South and North sides of the mountain, you will be able to track my progress in 3D.

Set forth below are links to 3D fly-in tours of the South side route and the North side route using the latest satellite images from the mountain. These links will be posted on the home page of my website, at the top of the blog page and in the latest news section. Click on this link to see the entire S/N routes in 3D. (Routes are best viewed in full-screen mode.)

South Side Fly-in Tour

North Side Fly-in Tour

As I climb the mountain, I will use a Spot tracking device to transmit my exact location on the mountain. That location will then be posted here on the 3D map so you can see where I am at all times. You can drag the 3D map to navigate up and down the mountain to see where I have been and where I am going. For most of the climb, I will transmit my location once when I arrive at my new destination. During more important parts of the climb (e.g., summit day), I will use an automatic tracking feature that will transmit my location every ten minutes. When this automatic tracking feature is used, no e-mail notification will be sent with each change of location, but you will receive an e-mail notice when the feature is first activated.

If you register your e-mail on my website, you will receive an e-mail alert when I transmit these new locations. If you are already registered on my website, you do not need to re-register

I leave for Kathmandu next Tuesday, April 3.



10 thoughts on “Tracking my Climb in 3D

  1. Wow Bill! Every year you come up with more amazing ways to follow you on your adventurous journey – this is pretty cool! We look forward to following you again this year & wish you the best – every step of the way. Cheers! Jill & Rich Smith (Leadville, CO)

  2. Wow! This is a very neat feature, allows us a glimpse of just how amazing & tough this trek is… the best of luck to you!

  3. Bill, the 3-D map feature gives a whole new educational meaning to your south (Nepal) and north (Tibet) climbs–math, science, medicine, culture, history, geography… Each of these topic/subjects is enhanced by everything you are doing on Everest. Hiking blessings,


    1. Rick said it best — this is a amazing way to track your progress, on SO many levels! Gives me so much more to pray for… and will continue to!

  4. I am really excited about this new feature! Before I could only kind of guess where you were. This will be so cool! Thanks Bill! See you on the mountain!!

  5. Mr. Burke,
    May each second with your family before you depart on Tuesday be precious. You are strong and courageous…. Joshua 1:9
    blessings and prayers for safe travels and a wonderful couple of summits! 🙂
    Debra & Bill Hall

  6. Dear bill,

    Just a note to wish you the best from Mary and I
    We will be following your ascents eagerly. I so envy you and your zest for life.

    Be safe if that is a realistic option.

    With love,

    Bob and Mary buley

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