Namaste Family & Friends:

This dispatch is special because it is my first dispatch using my pocket computer.  The computer sends photos and text through my satellite telephone.  Using this equipment, I can send photos and text to you from anywhere on the mountain. I am very excited about this.  The photos you received earlier were sent by Allan using hIs equipment.  So, now you will be receiving photos from both Allan and me.  I feel like a 70-year old nerd techie!

The photo in this dispatch is of Allan, Bud, Jon and I having lunch at a pizza place in Namche Bazaar.

Later today, I plan to send an audio report describing the Yeti Mountain Home.  I think you will enjoy it as it will give you a whole new perspective on the hardships we have to endure on this trip.

Tomorrow, we leave for Tengboche.


Here we are at a pizza house in Namche

Bud, Jon, Allan & Bill