Everest Base Camp Photos

Trekking to Base Camp from Lobuche

The Everest Summit Triangle

We just arrived!

Mt. Everest Base Camp South side


11 thoughts on “Everest Base Camp Photos

  1. Fascinating images and looks like you’re at the foot of the glacier. With each post I’m sending positive energy to you and your entire team. Best of luck. fred

  2. Any chance we could set up a Skype with my students for sometime in the next three weeks? What is the time difference between there and Central Mountain Time here? We are beginning our Everest unit today and I am so excited to have the kid be able to follow you up the mountain with your posts. We look forward to seeing our South Middle School shirt at base camp, too. Our prayers go with you for a safe summit and back.

    South Middle School
    Salina, Kansas

  3. Bill,
    Thinking back to 2008 when I made it to Base Camp and probably stood right
    where you pitched your tent. My thoughts are with you every step of the way.!
    Buena Suerte. Enjoying all your communications and photos too. Lanny

  4. Ttally amazing watching you make this trek, from riding the bike with Ollie to
    Everest. Wow! You all are in my prayers. God Bless!

  5. Fantastic pictures. Wish I was there. I have been looking at your 3D
    pictures. Absolutely, terriffic. It’s a great visualize your climb.


  6. All of us here at MAXelence are with you guys as you commence the real work! The photos are stunning. We look forward to talking with you once you return. Don’t forget to take your daily MAXelence. It will really help!

  7. April 17, 2012 10:10PM PST

    Bill and Allan:

    I am REALLY disappointed that I wasn’t here to receive your voice mail messages…yes, I got your messages clearlty and I will pass it along to the Adventurer’s Club members this Thursday at the weekly meeting (so…”whose going on adventure”) and give them an up date from both of you.

    Thanks guys…..it was great hearing your voices and knowing that you’re both safe and sound and ready to attack the mountain….go get em!

    Best of everything to both of you and make it happen.


  8. Bill & Allen:

    Before leaving for your adventure you (Allan) made arrangements to call the club during one of our Thursday night meetings – the arrangement was for April 26th. If you can would you make that call for this Thursday, April 19th…..8:15 PST would be great….it’s a ladies night at the Club.

    Surprise us if you can and we’ll all be there…..you’ve got my cell phone number and it should work in that I received your call yesterday on it (# ending in 8467).

    We look forward to hearing from you, but if not I will play the message that you left for me yesterday and that will give everyone a direct update from both of you. BTW…you sound really great.



  9. Bill, you are the best set of eyes and ears reporting the news from Everest in 2012. Your audio reports, pictures, and full-page narratives are spell-binding. Many of us would love to be trekking with you–even through the Khumbu Icefall!!!

  10. Bill and Allan:

    I just got back from the Adventurers Club and your phone call tonight was a stupendous hit!

    Your descriptions about yourselves, the conditions and what’s instore was riviting for the crowd that filled about 2/3’s of Chase Hall…a wonderful evening with Emory Cristoff and both of you from the mountain made the evening spectacular….both of you should consider a show biz career!!!

    The pic’s that you posted earlier are now posted on the bulliten board with the primo picture of both of you displaying the expedition flag over your tent gave many of the members some pause as to the nature of what an adventure you both are embarking on.

    Anyway, we appreciate the fact that you took the time to include us and we in turn are gathering up more of a head of steam in amazement and wonder as both of you challenge yourselves and the mountain.

    Bill, I had a chance to talk with your wife and daughter this evening and they are “super people” and from what I could tell they enjoyed themselves at the Club this evening.

    More soon….and thanks again for the once-in-a-lifetime-call – it made our evening special.




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