Summit Plans

May 18, 2014

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Keep in mind as he mentions the dates in his plans, there is a significant time difference between the US and Mt Everest. (15 hours ahead of California)


12 thoughts on “Summit Plans

  1. Hi Bill,

    I literally stop what I am doing where ever I am when I receive the email telling me you have filed an audio report and listen intently.

    Keep up the good work, and good luck to you and everyone else on the mountain.


  2. Namaste Bill, Covering a wide range of topics (with humor), is a very good indicator of your mental, physical and emotional strength. Is it the yak steaks? Glad that you have Mike Fagan keeping a finger on the pulse of the jet stream and the altering weather conditions– knowledge is an Everest asset.



  3. Bill…the “bell has rung”…time to answer it in the next few days…so glad you are taking the rest day at high camp, just like on your South side summit climb. Stay after it…now it is “step by step!”

    Tashi Delek!!!!


    1. Bill,

      It has been inspiring to follow along on your adventure. Thanks so much for sharing. Prayers are with you, your Sherpa guide, and climbing party. Continued good health and success.


  4. Good to know you’re well and will soon be on top of the world.

    I’ll let the ACLA know what’s happening with you.

    We’ll see you soon – how about some sailing on Kitty Hawk with you and Sharon?


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