Costa Mesa, California
June 5, 2007

Dear Family, Friends and all of the Schoolchildren and Teachers at Andersen, Clifford, McPherson Magnet and Town School for Boys:

I arrived home last night around 10 PM. Most of my family greeted me at the airport. They even had a Hummer limousine to take me home. What a wonderful treat. I just love being home.

I finally got a chance to weigh myself. I lost about 30 pounds on the mountain. I think I now weigh about the same as I did in grade school!

One last note on my Canon camera. As noted in my earlier posting, the lens broke in the camera’s long fall down the Lhotse face. But, the camera was otherwise in good working condition. I have been wondering if the camera would take pictures with a new lens. I had an extra lens at home. So I snapped the new lens on the camera today and it works perfect. Remember the Timex commercial “takes a licking and keeps on ticking”? My story beats that one by a mile! Maybe next year I’ll chuck the camera off the summit and see what happens.

I am now loading and editing my photos. I hope they turned out good. All of the other climbers in my group are sending me their photos. After I have all of the photos assembled and edited, I will put together a slide show and let you know how to access it if you are interested. If I put together a slide show presentation, I will also notify you so you can come if you want.

I returned home to find a lot of e-mails that were sent to me after I left for Nepal. Over the next couple of days, I will answer every one of these kind messages.

If you are inclined to give me another chance, stay tuned to this website and I’ll give you the details for Everest 2008.

Whatever you decide about photos or second chances, I want you to know that you are now in my thoughts of gratitude and in my prayers.

Bill Burke