Dear Friends:

As most of you know, in 2008, I will return to Nepal for a reprise of my trip earlier this year. I hope to complete the last 100 meters of the mountain of my dreams…the magnificent Mt. Everest.

To that end, I have revised my website–Eight Summits–and I invite you to take a look at the changes. Here is a preview of what is new:

–I will be posting reports of my 2008 trip on the website. If you would like to read these reports, please register on my website and you will receive an e-mail notice when reports are posted. If you have already registered, you do not need to re-register. What is new for 2008 is that, on summit day, I plan to file 6 reports: (i) upon departure from Camp IV at the South Col (26,000 feet), (ii) upon arrival at the Balcony (27,600 feet), (iii) upon arrival at the South Summit (28,750 feet), (iv) upon arrival at the Hillary Step (28,900 feet), (v) upon arrival at the Summit (29,035 feet) and (vi) upon return to the South Col.

–I posted the photos from my 2007 Everest trip on the website. See “My Everest Photos.”

–In October, Sharon and I took my training partner, Oliver, on a round-trip train ride from Los Angeles to Seattle. We had a great time. See the photos on my website under “My Training Partner.”

–My daughter, Lisa, has a wonderful stationary card business that she runs from her home in Newport Beach. In honor of Ollie, she is donating 15% of the proceeds from sales through my website to the Angelman Syndrome Foundation, a charity that is dedicated to research and the improvement of the lives of disabled children and their parents. A link to her website can be found in my website. See “Charming Cards.”

I have regained the 30 pounds I lost on Mt. Everest, and Ollie and I are now back into our normal training regimen.

Your prayers and support meant so much to me during the 2007 expedition. I hope I can count on that same support in 2008.

As my plans for 2008 firm up, I will let you know.

Bill Burke