I am getting ready to leave on an adventure of a lifetime! Tomorrow, I will fly to Thailand and ultimately end up at the base of the world’s tallest mountain–Mt. Everest!

There are a few reasons why I decided to make this big trip. First, my Dad has always been an inspiration to me my entire life. He has always supported me 100% in everything I do. He is always willing to listen to my dreams, ambitions, ideas and most of all just listen! I can’t wait to share in my Dad’s excitement as he introduces my sister and me to this mountain that he loves! Second, I have always wanted to go on a mission to help others in need. I got in touch with someone in Kathmandu who is very involved in missionary work. He is going to take my sister and me to a few orphanages, schools and homes to spend some time with the children and their families. My neighbors have so graciously donated clothes, shoes, medicine and toys for me to bring. My sister has been collecting Bibles to bring for the people as well. I can’t wait to work and play with these kids! Third, I am looking forward to traveling to a different part of the world and experiencing a completely different way of life. What an awesome experience!

I know it will be tough, but I want to prove to my family and myself that good things can come from embracing life’s opportunities and challenges.

God is Good.