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Hello there, Bill Burke Camp 3, 23,000 ft on the Lhotse face.  We all arrived here safely.  That’s Mingma, myself,  Bud and Puchhanga. And this was my favorite day on the mountain, I really enjoyed the trip up.

We left about 7:15 from Camp 2, worked our way up the Western Cwm to the Lhotse Face, that’s where it gets really steep and icy,  and ah it took about, oh I think about 6 hours, normally would have been about 5, but we got caught in a horrendous traffic jam right below our camp site, Camp 3, so it took about 6 hours.  I decided to go on oxygen where the Western Cwm meets the Lhotse Face.  I didn’t think I needed to, but I have loads of oxygen and thought I would do that and I don’t really think it helped me.  I think I would have gone up at about the same speed, perhaps even faster without, but definitely everyone goes on oxygen at Camp 3 so I’ll go on oxygen tonight and tomorrow morning we’ll  head on up the Lhotse face up to Camp 4 and I am actually really looking forward to that.

So everything is going great, we are all doing well.  It was a beautiful day, I know a lot of people summited.  It really was pretty, still is.  Sun is out, it is really hot, it will get cold tonight.  So that’s the plan.  Eat, hydrate, sleep get up early and get on the ??mountain and move up to Camp 4 where the plan is for at least Mingma and me to take a rest day at the South Col, Camp 4, which is high camp and then the following day we will do our summit run.

I’m not sure what Bud and Puchhanga plan but I don’t think they plan to take a rest day on the Col.

I’m trying to think of anything else, there really isn’t.  Like I said, my favorite day on mountain, it was really hard, tough, steep and icy, but I enjoyed it.  I will check in tomorrow on the Col.

Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers.  Bye