May 25, 2009

Costa Mesa, CA

Bill just called from Base Camp.  He borrowed a  battery so that his sat phone would work to call me.  It is snowing hard and he said they may be snowed in for a few days.  The tents are covered with snow and he can hear avalanches all around.  He assures me that he is safe.  Base Camp is almost deserted at this point, most everyone has packed up and left.

I have done interviews today with KNX and KFI radio, KTTV, KCAL/KCBS.  Yesterday it was KTLA and KABC.   I am getting less nervous while doing the interviews, but I can’t wait until Bill is home to answer the questions himself.  And, the family is starting to plan on what to do for a homecoming.

Below is the interview that we did yesterday with KTLA.


KTLA: SoCal Man Becomes Oldest American to Climb Mount Everest — Dave Mecham reports