February 15, 2011

Under a good deal of pressure from my daughter, Lisa, I have set up a Facebook account for Eight Summits.  The link is on my website. I will use my website to post expedition reports from the mountain, and will use Facebook for more informal reports and photos.  You can also see some photo albums on my Facebook page.

I leave for Nepal on March 31.  You can see the full Itinerary for the expedition on my website.

Everything is on schedule with my training. I am in the gym for a 2-1/2 hour workout almost every day.  On Saturday, I climb in the local mountains, and Sunday is bicycle day with Ollie, my Training Partner, and my daughter, Lori, and son-in-law, Jeff.

I have added an “About Me” link on the website.

I’m counting the days to liftoff!

Bill Burke