March 30, 2011

Dear Family & Friends:

I am so excited. Today, I fly to Kathmandu to begin my epic journey to the mountain of my dreams.

Everything is set for me to go. I finished my brief in the United States Supreme Court without skipping a beat with my daily workouts, local mountain climbs and bicycle trips with Ollie. I feel totally prepped to realize my dream if God will just favor me with better weather this year.

Asian Trekking has asked me to serve as Expedition Leader for the Eco
Everest Expedition on the South (Nepal) side and Expedition Leader for the International Everest Expedition on the North (Tibet) side. I was also admitted to the prestigious Adventurers Club of Los Angeles and the Explorers Club, so I am happy about these developments.

I will be filing lots of reports from Base Camp and the mountain. I also purchased a GoPro head camera to go along with my high definition video camera and still photo camera. I hope to bring home some great photos and video footage to show you.

Before I leave, I would like to share a short video clip of my personal hero and Training Partner, Ollie, in his music class at the special education school he attends. Ollie is seated in the chair in the dark outfit. These children are all so precious, and their teachers and assistants are so dedicated and loving. Be sure to hug your children every day and tell them that you love them.

Yesterday, Ollie played hooky from school so we could go on one last bike ride before I depart for Nepal. We biked 60 miles in the mountains and along the coast.

Stay tuned for my next post from Kathmandu.

Thanks for your interest and support, and God bless each one of you.

Bill (now 69-years young)