April 5, 2011

I feel like an electronic junkie. I have the following electronic equipment:

–satellite telephone
–Apple computer
–Kindle reader
–still photo camera
–high definition video camera
–GoPro head video camera
–monitor for Go Pro head camera
–portable speakers

All of this equipment runs on batteries which have to be solar charged. I have enough wires and cords to outfit a mid-size city. I need a Sherpa to carry all this stuff and keep track of it for me. But, it allows me to keep in touch with you and bring home some great photos and video.

Yesterday, we had our first Puja at a local monastery. At the Puja, a Buddhist priest, called a “Lama,” blesses the climbers and the Expedition. This is a very sacred ceremony for the Sherpas. I wear a cross around my neck to express my personal faith. We will have another Puja at Chinese Base Camp in Tibet.

Today, I report to the Nepal Ministry of Tourism for my interview as Expedition Leader for the South side climb. Tomorrow, we depart for Tibet.

Before I forget, can someone tell me when Duke plays Kansas in the NCAA finals? I don’t want to miss this game.

Go Sea Kings!