April 16, 2011
Chinese Base Camp

Namaste Family & Friends:

Another beautiful day at CBC. But, not much new to report.

Today, we hiked 5 miles down the road to another Buddhist monastery, known as the Rongbuk Monastery. Mingma brought some Buddhist prayer flags and they were blessed at the Monastery to protect us on our expedition. Tomorrow, the flags will be hung at the Monastery we visited two days ago. On April 22, when we have our Puja on the mountain, the Monks at the Rongbuk Monastery will pray for us. On the way back to CBC, we stopped for lunch at the Tent City. This time I had money.

Yesterday. David and I went on an acclimatization hike in the hills surrounding Base Camp. We got some great video footage and photos of Base Camp and Chomolumna. Tomorrow, we head up to Intermediate Base Camp, and the following day we move to Advance Base Camp.

I had a slight scare today when my trusty video camera stopped functioning. I got it working again, but now I am a bit nervous. Fortunately, I have a back-up plan.

Everybody and everything is good.