Had to Turn Back

We heard from Bill tonight. He is back down safely to Camp 3 but did not make the summit. He sounded exhausted and upset. Mingma made him turn around, so we are thankful that if Mingma felt it was not safe for him to continue that he was there to advise him whether he liked it or not. He was exhausted and said he would call back.

From his Family


16 thoughts on “Had to Turn Back

  1. Bill,
    I have been waiting all day for the news. I cannot begin to imagine your feelings at the moment; however, I am happy and at peace knowing that God is working His plan for you. You are my hero for surrendering your free will to the mountain, M

  2. KEEP GOING… it may not be upward, but it will still be forward. Your journey continues. Try to enjoy and appreciate, regardless of the outcome. Looking forward to hearing what happened. Stay positive.

  3. It is what it is! and you are in the summit of all of our hearts no matter what!

    We are praying for you!


    Julian Buitrago &
    Union, NJ

  4. Hi Bill

    Looking forward to your report. Let me go on a limb here, if you have enough time to recover AND the logistics are in place, South Side might still be worth it. Even 28K feet on both sides in the same season has got to be a record.

  5. My students just watched Into Thin Air and those who did not wisely turn back when they should have perished on Everest in 1996. We are proud of you for turning back when you needed to. We are anxious to hear more!

    South Middle School gifted

  6. Bill, just remember that in major league sports there is no such thing as a perfect season! Only a good performance!!–Don Croley

  7. Bill, Sorry, but wise. Sharon and the kids — to say nothing of the US Supreme Court — need you alive and kicking. Godspeed. Tom

  8. Bill,
    There are no such thing as failures. There are only learning experiences. We have learned from your courage in having started that you have succeeded in getting as far as you did. You are unique among hundreds of millions of people. You have do

  9. ‘Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life…as by the obstacles which he has overcome while trying to succeed.’

  10. I just read that David Liano also had to turn back from his attempt on the other side due to High winds above what was predicted.

  11. The Memorials are filled with the names of climbers who didn’t turn around when they needed to turn around. Good for Mingma, and for you for following his advice. It speaks to what a great climber you truly are.

  12. Bill,

    No matter what – you are my hero! And you know all too well that no summit is worth risking your life. Come home safe!

    Lunch is on me 🙂

    Cindy Abbott

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