Resting at Camp 3

Click here to download…Written report translated from the audio report:

“Hello Family and Friends

We’re all resting at Camp 3 which is high camp I don’t know the exact altitude, something over 27,000 feet, 27,4 or 5, It’s on my website on the route to the summit. All of us made up here fine, Doug, Aboul and I. We got here about 3:15, it took us about 6 hours, the weather was really nice for a change, which was good. A very long way, I would say of the segments of the climb – that is from ABC to North Col, North Col to Camp 2, Camp 2 to Camp 3, this was probably the easiest of them, but having said that I would describe it as very very very hard, because its just steep and long and it gives you an idea of how tough the other sections are. But were all here fine.

The plan is to leave to the summit around 8pm. It doesnt give me the rest day that I had planned but they are predicting good weather tonight and tomorrow, but I don’t want to take the chance of waiting here and then missing my opportunity because of bad weather so I’m going to rest about 5 hours, and then we’ll all take off. The good news also is the Chinese got the lines fixed to the summit so everything is set to go.

I plan to file an audio report on the summit which will have to be obviously short and to call my family on my satellite phone which doesn’t have much battery power left which always has me concerned, but that’s the plan. We leave here around 8:00 Nepal time. I think it will probably take us about 8 hours to get up here. That’s the report, like I said everyone is doing fine. It’s kind of nice that we have Camp 3 all to ourselves, there won’t be a big crowd because everybody is marching up from ABC now that the lines are fixed. There could be a lot of people on the mountain in the next couple days. So that’s about it. I hope my next report to all of you will be on the summit of Mt Everest…top of the world.”


30 thoughts on “Resting at Camp 3

  1. Bill I have been totally transfixed while following your journey. Thank you so much for posting these updates, they really are fascinating. I wish you the best of luck in your summit this evening. Gods Speed!

  2. Bill
    You continue to amaze, on so many levels. And to think, I was starting to feel old at 69. You have opened a whole new horizon to me.

  3. Wow! So excited for you guys! How fantastic to have great weather. My thoughts and prayers are with you everyday. You are an amazing inspiration to folks of all ages!

  4. Bill, My prayers and the best wishes for summit! my lil angels will be pushing you! God Bless You!

    Julian buitrago
    Union, NJ

  5. Good experenced decisions create oppoptunitys.
    congratulations right time ,right place continue
    to be safe.

    Tom & Maria

  6. Good luck! The summit is yours! I get the chills just reading your blogs. Thanks for the exciting posts. I just can’t imagine what it’s like to be up there right now. I’m happy just doing Mt. Whitney every year!

    Placentia, CA

  7. 658AM in Seoul… and what a great message to wake up to! Glad to hear you’re healthy and ready to go, at 27,000+ ft! I wish you guys the best on that final leg.

  8. Wishing you all God’s protection for a successful summit and return!! You inspire and amaze me!!

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