Written report translated from the audio report:

“Hello everyone it’s May 26 and I’m calling from Zangmu, Tibet, China, which is the last village before we cross the border into Nepal. We will be crossing the border this morning and it will take about three hours from the other side of the border back to Kathmandu and we’ll be back at the hotel … and I, my appetite is finally coming back, I ate pretty good yesterday, which I have not been doing up at base camp. You get pretty tired of that food. So that’s good.

And here in, Zangmu right across the… Zangmu, by the way, is listed in my itinerary on the way up. But right across from our hotel was a place that has various kinds of massages. So there was a back-bendling b-e-n-d-l-i-n-g massage, I think they meant back-bending. There was a body massage, an oil massage. So Doug, my fearless compatriot, couldn’t resist and went over and got what was called a foot-bottom massage, and he said it essentially consisted of them spending a half-hour pinching the bottom of his feet. So, uh, Doug had a foot-bottom massage across the street.

I heard yesterday that one of the international team members for Asian Trekking up on the mountain was filming, and I met him and we talked with him up there at Advanced Base, but he was filming a documentary, he’s from Mexico. His name is Leonardo, and he’s filming a documentary all over the world and really wanted to summit badly, film from the summit of Mt. Everest. And he got up to the summit and took off gloves to film of the summit for about five or ten minutes and he frostbit four or five of his fingers very badly. And in fact he needs medical attention for that frostbite right away. But I’m told that he is still up at Advanced Base Camp even now too weak to move down. But he’s in a bad situation and if he doesn’t get down soon he’s going to lose those fingers. I feel very badly for him.

So today we go back to Kathmandu. My plan when I get there is I want to have a meeting with Asian Trekking and get to the bottom of what happened with me on my summit night. I know it’s not going to change anything, but I want to know why there wasn’t sufficient oxygen for the sherpas to continue, which prevented me from an almost certain North Side summit. Mingma said it was his fault and apologized, but I want more information than that before I close the book on this trip. So I plan to try to get to the bottom of that if I can, and then I’m going to file a, as I promised, a full report on my summit attempt, my summit night. Even if you take aside the the sherpas didn’t have sufficient oxygen for them to continue with me. It’s been an interesting recount of a difficult summit night and what goes on and how you prepare and I thought you might be interested in that. So I’ll file that report from Kathmandu before I head home.

That’s about it for now. Everyone is having breakfast, and I’m going to head down and pack and we’ll be heading back to Kathmandu, and my next report will be from there. That’s about it, talk to you later. Bye.”