Dear Family & Friends:

I have finally had the opportunity to read all your posts on my website blog and Eightsummits Facebook page. I am so grateful for your prayers and wonderful words of support. I thought about you all the time I was on the mountain. It brought me joy and satisfaction in the good times and sustained and motivated me in the hard times.

I am taking off the month of June, relaxing and trying to gain back some of the weight I lost on the mountain–about 15 pounds. In July, I will resume training with trips to the health club, mountain climbs and Sunday bicycle trips with my buddy Ollie.

I have prepared a 25 minute video and photo collage of the 2011 trip and will post it on my website in the next few days. The video will include the scandalous Turkish bath in Tingri so brace yourself for a real shock.

Thanks so much for following my 2011 expedition, and I hope all of you have a super great summer.