8 Summits Documentary

Dear Family & Friends:

Less than 1 month to departure day.

Award-winning documentary filmmaker, Allan Smith, will be going with me to Everest this year with plans to prepare a documentary of the expedition. Allan will be going to Base Camp on the South side and possibly as high as the North Col on the North side.

Here is a movie trailer prepared by Allan. You can also view the trailer with additional information on the website of Allan’s company, DreamQuest Productions.

In my next post, I plan to feature some of the exciting new electronics I will be bringing with me this year.



26 thoughts on “8 Summits Documentary

  1. Bill, you are true pioneer. “The Summit x 2” is a magnificent pursuit, and I wish you and the entire production all the best. We hope to see you on your way up to Base Camp.

  2. “The work praises the man.” Irish proverb Your accomplishments speak volumes–may Allan’s work reflect all that you are to yourself and your friends.

    Rockman Rick

  3. Very exciting! I can’t wait to hear about the new technology. Your reports from Everest are truly amazing and I’m so looking forward to sharing your adventure.

  4. Bill, this trailer is so beautiful! So emotional! It brought me to tears. I will be watching your journey and praying for you and your family. Amazing!!

  5. Hi Bill!

    AMAZING!! Im so excited to see the full documentary, you are such an inspiration for me( and many others) I will,as the past years,follow you´re journey..sitting up late at night,reading and lissening to your up-dates with joy! You,Ollie and you`re family are in my prayers, take care and be safe!!

  6. Wow! Billy, LOL habit from 50 yrs. This is amazing as is your life. God’s speed to you, Ollie & family. Love & Blessings, Betty

  7. I’m so looking forward to your two climbs. I’ve waited all year! All the best to you and may God watch over you and guide you every step of the way.

  8. We’re inspired and excited by prospects of your forthcomming adventure.
    Our love and respect to you and your family especialy Ollie.

    Tom and Maria

  9. Bill — this is Awesome!!! As always, we’ll be following your journey again this year & look forward to climbing with you again soon 🙂 Happy to hear Ollie is doing better – you both persevere through the tough challenges as you feed off strength from each other. Best of luck attaining your dreams in 2012, this is the year! Hugs, Jill & Rich – Leadville, CO

  10. I feel so blessed to have been a part of Olivers life (I still see him at the buses!) and very proud to know you and your family. Many safe returns to you on your journey…Congratualtions and God Speed!

  11. John and I are both so excited about your adventure back to Mt. Everest.
    We will be looking forward to your updates. Your new equipment sounds
    awesome. You will be in our hearts and prayers on your journey.

  12. WOW!! In my very wildest dreams, I’ve always wanted to do what you’re doing but have never had the courage to even start. My very best prayers for your safe adventure. Excitingly waiting for all reports.
    Dorothy (Marian D’Elia’s sister)

  13. So, off you go! You are living your Dream Come True. I look forward to following your adventure. Good luck, stay as safe as you can. Love to you and your family, Marian

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