Dear Family & Friends:

This year, I will be taking some fabulous electronics to Everest which will enhance my reporting to you from the mountain. It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. So, take a look at this photo showcasing some of my electronics.

Here are the footnotes:

In my ears-ear buds connected to an i-Pod with my favorite music

In my right hand–Thuruya 2510 satellite telephone which will allow me to call home from anywhere on the mountain, including the summit

In my left hand–Sony IC recorder for keeping a daily log of events
Glasses–high definition camcorder video sunglasses

On my head–high definition Swann video camcorder with a laser pointer to pinpoint what I am filming and an lcd screen mounted on the back so I can see what I am filming and review what I have filmed

On the right side of my chest–Canon G10 still photo camera that was with me on the summit of Mt. Everest in 2009

Hooked to the carabiner on my backpack–Canon HV20 high definition video camcorder that was with me on the summit of Mt. Everest in 2009

Attached to the orange lanyard around my neck–Spot satellite tracking device that will pinpoint my exact location on the mountain which can then be posted on a 3D map on my website
Attached to the black lanyard around my neck–Kestrel 2500 pocket meter that measures temperature, wind speed, wind chill, air pressure, altitude and time.

Not pictured: (i) Sony DVD player for viewing movies in my tent, (ii) i-Pad, (iii) Kindle reader, (iv) HP IPAQ pocket computer for transmitting photos and video home for posting on my website, (v) portable battery pack for charging electronics at higher camps, (vi) solar charger for charging electronics and (vi) portable speaker for my i-Pod.
Filmmaker, Allan Smith, will bring his own electronics that will allow us to stream photos and video from the mountain for posting on our websites. The software also has a direct link to NBC, CBS, Fox & CNN.
I have posted two must view links below. I have also added them to the Links section of my website. First, I have added a link to Grant Rawlinson’s excellent website “Climb for Hope.” Be sure to check out Grant’s excellent 3D fly-in showing the North Side Climbing Route. Watch it in full screen mode. You can see where I turned around in 2010 (Second Step) and 2011 (First Step). So close! Second, watch the South Side Fly-In on the Human Edge Technology link showing the route on the South side. Click Full Screen and Fly-In for best viewing. Watch these stunning videos and you will feel like you have completed the double.

I hope to have a similar 3D map of both the South and North routes up and running before I leave for Nepal on April 3. As I move up the mountain, I will use my Spot satellite tracking device to pinpoint my location on the mountain.

Now, I am just counting the days.

Climb for Hope-North Side Route
Human Edge Technology-South Side Route