Dear Family & Friends:

Here is biographical data related to my Sherpas for 2012. In case you are wondering, in 2010 and 2011, Ang Mingma Sherpa was in the United States and was attending to family matters, which is why you see no information on him for those years.

In my next post, I will answer this question: “Fit to Climb”?


Gyaluk Sherpa (South side):

2001-summitted Cho-Oyu

2001-summitted Manaslu

2002-summitted Amadablam

2003-sumitted Amadablam

2004-summitted Everest

2004-summitted Amadablam

2005-summitted Lhotse

2006-summitted Everest

2006-summitted Amadablam

2007-summitted Everest

2009-summitted Everest

2010-reached 8600 meters on the North side of Everest

2010-summitted Cho-Oyu

2011-summitted Everest

Ang Mingma Sherpa (North side):

2000-summitted Everest

2004-summitted Everest

2005-reach South Col of Everest

2006-reached high camp on the North side of Everest

2007-summitted Everest

2008-summitted Everest

2009-reached the South Col of Everest