8 Summits Film Blog

Dear Family & Friends:

Allan Smith has created a blog for the documentary he
is producing. Here is the link.


If you register on Allan’s website, you will get
coverage of the expedition through the eyes of an award-winning filmmaker.



7 thoughts on “8 Summits Film Blog

  1. From a part of the world where news coverage is sparse, it will be a joy to follow you, Bill, and see and hear Allan”s blog. Excitement contagion is growing!!


  2. Bill,
    You are unbelievable! What an inspiration you are to all of us, both young and experienced. We can’t wait to follow your journey.

  3. Hi! I am doing a project for my English class and i was assignned your team, the summits are really remarkable. Good Luck! I’ll be keeping up with your journey.

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