Kathmandu Bound!

Dear Family & Friends:

Tonight I depart for the Big “E.”

Get out your “E” ticket and fasten your seat belt.

We are in for one wild ride.

My next post will be from Kathmandu



41 thoughts on “Kathmandu Bound!

  1. You guys are very much the subject of conversation at the AC meetings.

    I suppose you know that another member, James Cameron, just returned from the bottom of the Marianas trench, the lowest place on earth.
    You and he will be at the highest and the lowest place on earth in the same year. I want to pose for a photo between the two of you at an AC meeting, hopefully with the flag Alan is bringing. That flag has been to some important places ( important to me), The U.S.. capitol, Mt. Suribachi, The Battle ship Missouri, the Arizona at Pearl harbor, and 200 feet from the top of Everett. ( last expedition)
    You can be “Mr. High 5” -5 miles up. Jim can be “Mr Low 5” 5 miles down.

    Keep us up to date.
    Hi to Alan


  2. May God bless your footsteps and may he also help you with all your special electronics!! I hope none go on any side trips like your camera!! Will be praying for you every day…sometimes more than others! Can’t wait to follow along the trip! Fly safe and have an amazing time!!! Thank you ahead of time Sharon for all you do during these trips! God bless both of you!!!

  3. Best wishes and luck to your incredible journey of your dream! Looking forward to seeing and hearing from you in Mt. Everest.

  4. Wishing a safe and successful trip. We are excited for you! Our prayers, will be with you and your sherpas in every step of the way to the all mighty Everest.

  5. Bill, what you embark upon will not be easy, but in the words of Thomas Paine, “The harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.” Travel blessings,


  6. May God Bless you & keep you & your team in His loving care as you proceed upon this great adventure. My prayers are also with Sharron & your family at home. Love & Hugs, Betty

  7. God bless you with health, strength, safety and success!! Our prayers will be with you, your team, and Sharon. On to the adventure!

  8. Best of luck to the entire party. While at base camp in the Khumbu, keep in mind the clinic run by Luanne Freer provides first class medical care. I hope you don’t need it!

  9. Bill,
    Bill and I wish you a successful journey and may God be with you every step of the way.

  10. BILL:
    Have a good trek and remember that we are all praying for you and your team’s safe return from both sides of Mt Everest. May GOD BLESS!

  11. Bill may this be your BEST adventure, journey, climb….EVER! Best of luck with all your techy gear – don’t drop any of it!. We look forward to living this journey with you 🙂
    Many Hugs on a safe & successful trip – Rich & Jill Smith, Leadville, CO

  12. We’re with you, Bill! Godspeed on your flights and each step that follows. You’re in our prayers.

  13. Looking forward to the adventure. We will be following you the whole way on your wonderful journey. May God bless you and keep you safe.The best to you on the mountain and to your family at home.

  14. God speed and good luck Bill and Alan. I will be looking forword to the photos that will be coming back on your journey.

  15. Bill and Allan:

    It’s Sunday here and iIt’s good to know that you’ve reached the beginning of your adventure and are eagerly getting ready for your push toward the summit(s) from both sides.

    Both of you are the talk of the Adventurers Club and I/we are looking forward to your adventures via all of the electronics that you brought along.

    Best of luck.


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