Lobuche Audio

Follow Bill’s progress in 3D. View the tracking map to see the journey so far and instructions on how to see Bill’s track.


4 thoughts on “Lobuche Audio

  1. Namaste, Bill. Very glad to hear that you slept well in Lobuche. Will Allan go with you directly to EBC or will he take a side trip up Kala Pattar? The mornings have to be very chilly at Lobuche and beyond. Glad you left the dining room crowds. Blessings,


  2. Nice to be able to hear your voice!! Glad everything is going well so far….stay healthy and happy trails to EBC!!

  3. Thought you would like to know that Tonight was the west coast explorers club dinner honoring Emory Kristof.  Also in attendance was James Cameron who spoke about his dive which was fascinating. The new president of the EC spoke and in his remarks (because I told him) he mentioned some of the outstanding SoCal members and told the audience about Bill Burke. There were visible oohs and awes when he described what Bill is doing.  Hope all is going well.

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