Welcome to My New Home

Namaste Family & Friends:

Below is a photo of me resting in my new home at EBC. Clockwise, here is the tour:

Relaxing in my new home

1 pm-wallet

2 pm-movie theatre (DVD player with 28 movies)

3 pm-closet with my hats, gloves, scarfs & neck gaiters for warmth in the winter months

4 pm-sunglasses & batteries

5-6 pm-bathroom-towels, toiletries, toilet paper & medicine cabinet with medicine for emergencies

7 pm-Starbucks coffee, creamer and sugar

8 pm-9 pm-clothes closet

10-11 pm-kitchen stocked with food, e.g., peanut butter, cookies, Ritz crackers & cheese, mixed bags of crackers, mixed nuts, fruitcake, dried fruit, candy bars, El Yuucateco hot sauce & drink mix

12 pm-reading library-magazines, i-Pad & Kindle

Center of tent-extra sleeping bag and, on top of sleeping bag, water & electronics such as camera, camcorder, Spot tracker, speakers, mobile phone & head lamp.  All of the electronics are put to bed at night inside the sleeping bag

Front & back tent vestible (out of camera view)-extra clothes, boots, climbing gear, backpack & solar panels

Tomorrow, Bud and I will move up the deadly Khumbu Icefall to Camp 1 at 19,100 feet. We will sleep there and then, on April 26, we will move to Camp 2 at 21,300 feet. We will stay at Camp 2 for 2-3 days and then return to EBC.

My next report will be from Camp 1.



23 thoughts on “Welcome to My New Home

  1. Bill: I am, of course, following both your and Bud’s posts. Thanks for keeping us all up to date. It is great to be able to see this experience, once again, through 2 different perspectives. Praying for you both for success and safety! Love, and Prayers, Terri (Bud’s wife)

  2. Bill…the smile on your face says it all! Say hello to the big guy up there for me…you’ll be closer than any of us ever will! Enjoy every breath…every view and every moment …THIS is what life is all about! 🙂 Keep your eyes on the GOAL COUSIN!!! Philippians 3:13-15 I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.

  3. Good luck with the next stage of the climb!!!!

    P.S. I would be more comfortable if you did not call the Khumbu Icefall “deadly”!!!

  4. pretty cool to have a tent just for you and your gear! I giggled when I read that the electronics get to sleep in a sleeping bag, but that makes total sense! and gaiters for the winter months (isn’t it freezing there all the time you are there?) love the sandals Mr. B!!!! have a great time… God be with you …. a hui hou!

  5. Thank you so much for letting us see how you live. It is fascinating. Keep safe & well. My prayers are always with you. Love & Hugs, Betty

  6. Thank God for the headlamp to find things in the evening Khumbu/Everest darkness, and I’m praying that the strong winds and glacial movements don’t “toss” your humble living quarters. C2C this weekend with Kathy and Andy. Blessings,


  7. I love the “tour” — and that you have the good sense to take Starbucks with you! Good to know you’re heading up the Khumbu — my prayers are with you big time! I’m eagerly waiting to hear you are safely through that section, and I’m trusting in God’s merciful goodness and your sure-footedness. OK, we’ll stick with the mericful goodness!! 🙂 (just kidding, you’re the bomb, we’ve seen how you manage!) Stay alert & focused, we’re cheering you on. Love, Kit

  8. Hi, Tom Waterman recommended a mystery for you (Kindle), P.D. James’ A Certain Justice – however, he thinks you may already have read it! Also, any and all of
    Nelson DeMille!! Live the good life, one day at a time! God bless you every day!

  9. Looks like a Sam’s club in there after an earthquake!!!
    What fun.
    Looking forward to your next report — take it slow.


  10. Dear Mr. Burke! My name is Enisa Agovic and I a from Bosnia, living in Minnesota. I heard about you from our good friend Naim Logic who is right now close to you ( I think today he is at Camp 2). I been following your every step and enjoying very much your every post and picture. I am not a climber, not even a trekker and after your posts and Naim’s effort to climb Everest I have every intention to become at least a trekker. I wish you all the best!!! Greetings from flat Minnesota!!!

  11. You look great Bill and so does your set-up! So excited to for to accomplish this task! Always trust your instincts!

  12. Bill – you always have been a well organized traveler! Great posts so far, looking forward to more soon 🙂

  13. Hope you have some Mahalia Jackson songs to keep you inspired and your prayers up to date. Liz and I hold you in our thoughts and remember fondly our hike together on Mt. Whitney.

  14. Namaste, Bill….be careful through the Khumbu. Dan Mazur posted his team is already at Camp II….if you see him as he makes his way back down to acclimitize, will you say hello from me? Please be safe and I will keep my prayers going as you head up the Khumbu.

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