Namaste Family & Friends:

Below is a photo of me resting in my new home at EBC. Clockwise, here is the tour:

Relaxing in my new home

1 pm-wallet

2 pm-movie theatre (DVD player with 28 movies)

3 pm-closet with my hats, gloves, scarfs & neck gaiters for warmth in the winter months

4 pm-sunglasses & batteries

5-6 pm-bathroom-towels, toiletries, toilet paper & medicine cabinet with medicine for emergencies

7 pm-Starbucks coffee, creamer and sugar

8 pm-9 pm-clothes closet

10-11 pm-kitchen stocked with food, e.g., peanut butter, cookies, Ritz crackers & cheese, mixed bags of crackers, mixed nuts, fruitcake, dried fruit, candy bars, El Yuucateco hot sauce & drink mix

12 pm-reading library-magazines, i-Pad & Kindle

Center of tent-extra sleeping bag and, on top of sleeping bag, water & electronics such as camera, camcorder, Spot tracker, speakers, mobile phone & head lamp.  All of the electronics are put to bed at night inside the sleeping bag

Front & back tent vestible (out of camera view)-extra clothes, boots, climbing gear, backpack & solar panels

Tomorrow, Bud and I will move up the deadly Khumbu Icefall to Camp 1 at 19,100 feet. We will sleep there and then, on April 26, we will move to Camp 2 at 21,300 feet. We will stay at Camp 2 for 2-3 days and then return to EBC.

My next report will be from Camp 1.