Camp 1 Audio

Check back later for a written transcription of this audio report.

Follow Bill’s progress in 3D. View the tracking map to see the journey so far and instructions on how to see Bill’s track.


4 thoughts on “Camp 1 Audio

  1. Namaste,Bill. Yes, a well deserved rest at camp 1 for you and Bud. Moving from EBC to camp 1 in 5 1/2 hours through the Khumbu Ice Fields is very good time. Slow and steady to camp 2 sounds like a good plan. Wishing you God speed. Blessings from home,


  2. Dear Bill,

    Namaste. So happy to hear you are through the Khumbu Ice Falls. You look quite happy resting in your tent! It’s Rick’s birthday tomorrow; I thought I would remind everyone reading this post:). My thoughts are with you as you enjoy one of the most beautiful places on Earth.


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