Overnight in Lukla

Paradise Inn, Lukla

Namaste Family & Friends

Yesterday, Allan and I trekked down to Lobuche and spent the night in a tea house. This morning, a helicopter arrived at Lobuche and dropped off Apa Sherpa. Apa is a good friend and is famous for having submitted Mt. Everest 21 times, more than anyone on plant earth. He is an Everest legend and is beloved in Nepal. He lives with his family in Salt Lake City, Utah. Allan had a good interview with Apa for the film.

Later in the morning, our helicopter arrived and transported us to Lukla. Because of the late departure from Lobuche, we missed our flight to Kathmandu. The current plan is to depart in the morning. The helicopter flight was absolutely fantastic. Allan sat next to the pilot and filmed the whole trip. So much fun!

Further to my last report concerning the HIMEX expedition, if you want more detail as to why Russell cancelled his expedition, read the last post on his blog, which is part of his website “Himalayan Experience.” It is a powerfully emotional justification for his decision. In that blog, you will also see that there has been yet another death on Everest. One of Russell’s Sherpas suffered a stroke at Camp 1. Despite the fact he was evacuated to a hospital in Kathmandu in just 3 hours, he passed away in the hospital with his family at his side. Please pray for his should and his family.


Allan & Apa Interview


4 thoughts on “Overnight in Lukla

  1. Russell’s comments are indeed moving… I applaud you for acting wisely and altering your own plans, Bill… Love the photo with Allan and Apa… I believe Apa also means “father” in Nepali… fitting for the man who has successfully stood atop Everest so many times…

  2. Bill:
    You are having quite an adventure. You certainly roll with the punches. It is
    exciting to hear that you will summit the North side. Can’t wait to hear more.

    Bobbie & John

  3. One mountain:too much to respond to mentally and emotionally, but I’m sure that Allan has captured on video a special moment in time. Apa Sherpa, as Bill mentioned, is a legend and completed his 21st summit last season (2011) on the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Hillary schools in the Khumbu Valley. Apa has also been Bill’s hiking leader for Asian Trekking on previous hikes–very special to get him on video.


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