Phone call from Camp 2, leaving for Camp 3

Bill called tonight at 7 PM from Camp 2 as he was about to leave for Camp 3. It will probably take him 6 hours or so to get to Camp 3 and will call me again from there. He is not going to actually sleep at Camp 3 as weather is coming in and he wants to get ahead of it. The winds have picked up some. He will just rest at Camp 3 and then head out for the Summit. It is still a long way from Camp 3 (maybe 12 hours for a young climber) to the Summit. I’m concerned that he is not going to sleep at this point as this is what he did the first year on the south side and wore himself out by not getting enough rest. The next weather window is not until the end of the month. Will let you know when I hear again.

— Sharon Burke


20 thoughts on “Phone call from Camp 2, leaving for Camp 3

  1. Next door here in Corona del Mar, prayer flags are flying for you, Bill. Here’s to a successful and safe climb!

  2. He is determined and hopefully he can fit in some rest. Thanks Sharon for keeping
    us posted.

    Bobbie & John

  3. Bill has the courage not to give up as he pushes on through this “window of opportunity”. We all draw strength from his courage, but our anxiety is still there. Blessings to the summit and safe return.


  4. All the best Bill for a successful summit and a safe return, have so enjoyed following your journey .
    Go Bill!!

  5. Sharon, thanks for all your written communications and thoughts. You are should be hired by the media! Could you ask Bill to include the estimated elevation when and where he is reporting from?


  6. Hi Mrs. Burke, prayers to you and your family, with the support and fan base that your husband has I know it will keep him going strong. (I miss you:)

  7. I hope you get your proper rest, Bill, knowing that God never sleeps & will watch over you & climb with you. I pray for you too, Sharon. It was nice to hear your input & I am as concerned for you as I am for Bill. Keep strong & positive. Love & Blessings to you both, Betty.

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