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Audio transcript:

“Hello everyone, it’s Bill Burke. I’m calling from Advanced Base Camp. I have to start with a heartfelt sincere apology for not filing this report sooner. I don’t have any real good excuses. It’s hard to even describe to you the conditions on the mountain the last 6 days what I’ve been through. But I do want you to know that I do apologize. I want you to know that I’m fine. I just got back last night, late yesterday down the North Col, the last dangerous part. I’m resting at Advanced Base Camp today and then I’m going to head down to Chinese Base Camp and get this phone charged. This phone has very low battery on it and I’m trying to conserve it for family. But my wife will tell you, I haven’t called her much either. Maybe when I have a chance to let my thoughts settle a little and write you about what it was like, you’ll understand that I do apologize, I’m fine, I feel good, I feel strong right now. We are heading down today and I am going to file a full written report when I get to a computer. It’s unbelievable what it has been like. I heard from Sharon this morning that 5-6 people died on the south side. They were in the same conditions I was when I turned around. I just feel so bad for them. I know at least one was with Asian Trekking, a doctor and I know him well. We did a lot of talking at base camp and I just pray for him. I pray for their families and their souls. It’s awful. But anyway, I’m going to try and sort all this gear laying around my tent here and figure out where to pack it for the trip down. When I get to Chinese Base Camp I’ll pack everything up. I think the plan right now is for a van to pick me up day after tomorrow and take us to ??? in Tibet, stay the night there and then drive to Kathmandu the following day. So, it’s an event filled week. I will capture it in writing when I get a chance to put all of my thoughts together. I appreciate all of you who have been calling and I feel badly. I really feel bad. I apologize for that. So, I am going to go get some breakfast and put all this stuff put in packs and on the way down I’ll call you again tomorrow when my battery is charged. ______ my thoughts and prayers are _____________. God bless all of you. Bye”