My Bags Have Arrived

Yak & Yeti Hotel
Kathmandu, Nepal
May 30, 2012

Namaste Family & Friends:

My bags have finally arrived from the North side. Yeaaa. Now I can book my flight home.

My presentation at the Annual Mt. Everest Day celebration yesterday went really well. I had several high government officials come up to me and thank me for my remarks. The highest praise came from one senior member of the Ministry of Tourism who said “you clearly were speaking from the heart.” That made me feel really good.  But, here’s the sad part. When I was called to the podium to deliver my remarks, I gave my trusty video camera to Ang Tshering Sherpa and asked him to film my talk. But, I forgot to push the record button!! When I sat down after the speech, he gave me the camera back and there it was in “pause’ mode. Darn. There were many members of the media at the event, so maybe I can get the footage from someone else. In any event, I will post the speech on my website in case you want to know what I said.

This morning, I was interviewed by Reuters News Agency. The interviewed was filmed. The reporter asked a lot of good questions on a whole range of issues, including climate change and global warming. I don’t know when the interviewed will be aired.

See all of you soon.



16 thoughts on “My Bags Have Arrived

  1. Bill, A speech coming from the heart emanates from dreams rooted in the heart. Our heartfelt praise for accomplishments at Sagarmatha. Well done! Travel blessings,


  2. Wow, that is awesome. God know who to call on when he wants a good speech. I hope to see it somewhere. You are appreciated world wide not only for your bravery, but for your Godly spirit so I know the speech was exactly as God wanted known through His faithful servant, Bill B. Thanks for all you do for everyone! Blessings, Betty

  3. Bill
    I have appreciated being able to follow your travels through emails. I am sorry you could not make it to the summit, but pleased you were able to make what I am sure was a wise decision given the conditions – to return home. Hope you get better news of Ollie.
    Audrey Hanson
    Vintage Burbank

  4. Bill – Once again we are so proud knowing you represent a very elite group of mountaineers – you truely climb from your head & your heart! Congratulations on your recognition & accomplishments to the mountaineering communities across the world! Safe travels back home, hope to see you soon & looking forward to hearing more about your 2012 Everest trip – Cheers! Jill & Rich Smith, Leadville, CO

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