Costa Mesa, California
October 26, 2012

Dear Family & Friends:

Attached is what in movie parlance is called a “Sizzle Reel.” This 9-minute video is used by the production company to draw media interest in the upcoming film. Action, drama, adventure, danger, and even humor, are key ingredients.

Allan Smith, my good friend and filmmaker, who accompanied me to Everest this year, hopes to have the documentary “8 Summits: The Bill Burke Story” finished by January of 2013. He will distribute the film nationally and internationally through the broadcast (television) and DVD markets and at film festivals. Allan advises me that substantial interest has already been generated based on the movie trailer and sizzle reel.

I hope life is good for all of you. And, if you live in the US of A, be sure to vote next month.

God Bless You,

Bill Burke


Best to watch in full screen mode
(start video then hover mouse over video and click on bottom right Youtube frame image)