Sizzle Reel

Costa Mesa, California
October 26, 2012

Dear Family & Friends:

Attached is what in movie parlance is called a “Sizzle Reel.” This 9-minute video is used by the production company to draw media interest in the upcoming film. Action, drama, adventure, danger, and even humor, are key ingredients.

Allan Smith, my good friend and filmmaker, who accompanied me to Everest this year, hopes to have the documentary “8 Summits: The Bill Burke Story” finished by January of 2013. He will distribute the film nationally and internationally through the broadcast (television) and DVD markets and at film festivals. Allan advises me that substantial interest has already been generated based on the movie trailer and sizzle reel.

I hope life is good for all of you. And, if you live in the US of A, be sure to vote next month.

God Bless You,

Bill Burke


Best to watch in full screen mode
(start video then hover mouse over video and click on bottom right Youtube frame image)


17 thoughts on “Sizzle Reel

  1. Watching this reel is very exciting, I am so glad I got the chance of meeting and taking care of your precious Ollie, and by doing so I was introduced to one of the best families i’ve ever come to know. I really admire everything you stand for and all that you do. I talk to my family about you all the time and i’ve even made them watch the autographed C.D. that you gave me. But when they saw the reel for this movie everyone was like wow…Can’t wait for the release, thats cool, how old is he again, so mom you really know him, is he crazy????? NO!!!!! He’s just Mr.Burke, A wonderful YOUNG man with a BEATIFUL family and a great BIG HEART. I AM GLAD GOD GAVE ME THE OPPERTUNITY OF KNOWING SUCH WONDERFUL PEOPLE. MAY GOD KEEP HIS ARMS AROUND YOU ALL, Mrs.Burke enjoy your anniversary getaway next year, great timing:) Looking forward to your pictures and post…xoxoxo

    1. Thanks Sheena.

      You will always have a special place in our hearts because of all you did for Ollie when he was in the hospital for those many weeks.

      God Bless You and your family.


  2. Bill, this is very inspiring & we look forward to watching the film…hopefully it makes it’s round to Colorado! Hugs to you & your family!

  3. Bill,
    OMG, I was expecting a “Yeah, another mountain climbing video” but Bill, this is great stuff. I spent 40 years in the film & video post production world and never expected that your promo would be anything near this quality. I’m very impressed and that doesn’t happen very often when reviewing film/video projects.
    And, It emotionally put me between almost crying because your adventures were so exciting and feeling like a failure since you have accomplished so much.
    Congratulations man!
    I still vividly remember that day when I was standing by Sharon’s desk in 11th grade and she showed me a picture of her boyfriend Bill. My heart sank. But she sure made a good choice of husbands. Who could have imagined what Bill and Sharon would put together! Great family story. Would love to have lunch some day.
    Best wishes,
    Lloyd Martin

  4. Awesome and can’t wait to see it. God bless you and all your family, still remembering Ollie in our prayers. So thankful that we ran into you in Kathmandu and you are an inspiration to all people. Always continue to share with us your amazing life.

  5. WOW…what a knock-out !! You are an amazing man…since we share the gift of a grandson with disabilities I was teary-eyed and full of smiles all at the same time…..
    thank you for sharing with the world. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed meeting you at our HPS banquets..looking forward to another meeting…and this movie
    This is a knock-out movie…highlighting a knock-out family.
    God Bless and keep you safe always.

  6. The “reel” sizzles with the anticipation of adventure around the world–especially on Everest. Press packet, one sheet, a work print, and market distribution–Allan will be busy and so will you Bill. Blessings on the project.


  7. Thanks again for a pre-runner. I will be at the Burbank Museum tomorrow with my friends to hear you once again & hopefully to see some of the rest of your family. Blessings, Betty

  8. Bill and Allan,
    Your presentation at the Annual Adventures Club Night of High Adventure was captivating. Thank-you for sharing your experiences with all of us. I look foward to the release of the film. Good Luck.

  9. Hi Bill,
    We so much enjoyed your presentation in Burbank on Saturday. The “sizzle” reel was terrific and we trust that it will be seen by many of your friends and many folks in the film industry as well. It was great to see you again and we wish you, and especially Ollie, our very best.
    Love & prayers,
    Dave & Carolyn Lessley

  10. Finally got to watch this. How exciting. Can’t wait to see the full film. Sharon’s looking beautiful too. Congratulations, Bill.

  11. Dear Bill,

    A soul as humble as you is a soul to admire. I truly appreciate your kindness, inspiration and love for the Himalayas. The magic the Mountains deliver is certainly felt within the soul. Although you are miles away, I continue to follow your accomplishments and adventures. I look forward to seeing more of the film and for climbing with you once again. Please know that you inspire more than imaginable.

    Take care my friend.


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