My New Website

Costa Mesa, Ca.

February 22, 2013

Dear Family & Friends:

I am excited about the launch of the overhaul of my website.  I hope you like it.

Here are some of the new features:

  • the short video clip on my Home page
  • my blog, now subdivided by adventure
  • the photo and video tour of the Eight Summits, with some dramatic photos and video of my last six trips to Mt. Everest
  • trip reports and photos related to my 4 long-distance, solo, motorcycle trips and the video of my bungee jump
  • the documentary film “Eight Summits: The Bill Burke Story” that will be released in the first quarter of 2013
  • the photo gallery that has photos and video of all the mountains I have climbed, photos of my motorcycle trips and my favorite black & white mountain photos
  • Bill Burke’s Articles, including “Summit Night 2009,” “Summit Night 2012,” “Crowds on Everest” and “The Tragic Death of David Sharp”

I want to thank my daughter, Lisa, for her hard work on the website overhaul.  I also want to recognize Lauren Pawell, who did a magnificent job in the design and construction of the changes.

My next big adventure will be a European river cruise with my wife, Sharon.  We celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary last June.  I told Sharon we are going on a 22-day cruise across Europe in 2013.  I asked her to pick the month.  She chose May, which is prime Everest climbing season.  Huge mistake, especially for a lawyer trained to consider worst-case scenarios.

As we approach the Everest climbing season, circa 2013, my heart sinks in disbelief that I won’t be visiting Mt. Everest.  I know my old friend will miss me.

Alas, there is always 2014, when I will be 72.



15 thoughts on “My New Website

  1. Wow! great new website! 🙂
    I just love that Sharon chose May….. God’s timing is always perfect! You will have a terrific time with your Bride and your best friend on the planet. The mountain will always be there another time…. cherish each and every day (as I know you do) with those you love as they will not always be there. Look forward to the photos of your two smiling faces cruising around Europe. Blessings, Debra 🙂

  2. I look forward to all of your blogs. This Website is an added bonus. Glad you are taking a brief break (I’m sure) to enjoy your wife for your Anniversary celebration. You both deserve it! I look forward to any and all future correspondences from eightsummits , and now from the new Web!!

  3. So thrilled at the new “face” of your website. Terrific! Looking forward to the European adventure. as to your lawyer remark….. your wife IS the wife of a lawyer you know…smart girl.

  4. A Tour de Force five star website production. Cudos to Lisa and Lauren. Every posting gives new meaning to the Everest adventure. Looking forward to the spring, 2013 premier/preview of the DreamQuest Production: EIGHT SUMMITS: THE BILL BURKE STORY. Keep your thoughtful finger on the Everest pulse, and keep writing and blogging.

    Rockman Rick

  5. Bill,

    Wondered what you were up to.

    Thanks for allowing us all to participate in your adventures in a more user friendly way. And we can’t wait to see how you are going to get us on the edge of our chairs and computers as you float around Europe at 1.5 knots.

    And of course everyone knows Sharon is much smarter than you are, so that’s no surprise!

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