Salem, Oregon
March 7, 2013

Dear Family & Friends:

I had a slight break in the weather, so I bolted from Seattle in mid-morning.

The ride South on Highway 5 was bearable most of the way. I turned West on Highway 12, hoping to make it to Highway 101 so I could ride South along the coast. That didn’t work out so well. I ran into heavy rain squalls as I neared the coast, and they drove me back to Highway 5. The trip down Highway 5 to Salem was near perfect.

I am now feeling very comfortable with the feel and ride of my bike and sidecar. So comfortable that I donned my ear phones and i-Pod music and was riding in the fast lanes. The rocking and rolling and steering aren’t a problem anymore.

My plan is to ride to Eugene, Oregon tomorrow and salute the Ducks, as ordered by my friend, John Dahlem. Then, I will ride west on Highway 38 to the coast so I can enjoy those fabulous views of the Pacific Ocean.



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